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The Wave Innovation Group is an Italian company founded by Dr. Salvatore Terrani in 2016.
Although the company was born recently, it has a great experience in the field of injectable medical devices (class III) and in the pharmaceutical sector.
The Wave Innovation Group arises from the need to produce and market the products created and developed by The Wave Research & Development.
The two structures work in parallel, becoming a winning combination of innovation, reliability, research and great quality.
This partnership allows the collaboration with the main R&D and pharmaceutical worldwide companies.
The company is based in Verona where it carries out production, sales and distribution activities in the main European, Asian and Latin American countries.
The Wave Innovation Group is able to manage the entire production process of injectable medical devices (class III) at its production hub where everything is developed operating under ISO 13485 with particular attention and quality control.
In addition, The Wave Innovation Group offers to the companies the opportunity to use the “all-inclusive” service for development, production on behalf of third parties.
Thanks to the twenty-year experience, the company is able to coordinate and complete the entire CE certification process.
The Wave Innovation Group manages its work activities and exhibits high professional standards, guaranteeing safe and reliable products, always keeping very high attention to compliance with the regulations and procedures in use in the various therapeutic sectors in which the company operates: