Quality of excellence

We have selected for you the best hyaluronic acid , the main component of our medical devices. We put attention to production procedures and quality control in full compliance with CE regulations.

In continuous evolution

The Wave Innovation stands out for its commitment to research and innovation of new products, innovative medical devices and research into raw materials of the highest quality. Evolution is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Full service production

The Wave Innovation offers to be the company to the “ALL INCLUSIVE” service, from product conception to the selection of raw materials. Guarantee of innovation and efficacy of the product, accompanied by any certifications


Our mission is to be able to develop and create products always more advanced, maintaining high quality standards, thanks to the careful selection and use of the best raw materials, in the greatest respect and attention of the final customer.

The Wave Innovation Group manages its work activities and exhibits high professional standards, guaranteeing safe and reliable products, always keeping very high attention to compliance with the regulations and procedures in use in the various therapeutic sectors in which the company operates in Traumatology, Aesthetic medicine, Urology / Gynecology, Cosmetic, Dermatology, Nutrition.

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