Urology & Gynecology


Tube cream 30g

PALINGEN cream is the therapeutic innovation in tissue regeneration because it carries out a therapeutic process by resolving the pathogenic microrganisms in a decisive way, also having an anti-inflammatory, anti-reddening and soothing action thanks to its active ingredients.  PALINGEN cream represents innovation for diseases, acts in the service of the dermatologist with two applications per day. PALINGEN cream combines a hydrolyzed collagen with the addition of specific amino acids to a less hydrolyzed one which is completely superimposable on the homologous tissue collagen, in order to obtain a medium and long term effect, optimizing the healing and re-epithelialization process more quickly and regularly. Its field is really wide: dermatitis, erythema, skin irritations, excoriations, burns, bedsores, wounds, sores etc.


10 Vaginal Ovules

PLURIGIN OVULES offers a specific and unique treatment for the resolution of various vaginal diseases: vaginitis, cervicitis, ectropion, atrophy.
It is a class III medical device that, thanks to collagen, has a remarkable repairing, healing and re-pitalizing action; it also stimulates fibroblasts.
It is a device that contains equisetum arvense so it is rich in silica and has a deep hemostatic action.
It contains polyhexamethylenebiguanide (PHMB) which gives it great antimicrobial capacity on bacteria, fungi and yeasts without altering the bacterial flora.


Gynecological solution 2x250ml

It is a selective therapeutic device for the vaginal environment by acting only on pathogenic microrganisms, effectively removing the secretions present.
PLURIGIN gynecological solution contains a sufficient and indispensable quantity to carry out a mechanical and therapeutic action only with two weekly applications of 250ml.
PLURIGIN gynecological solution is indicated for an effective therapy in cases of: vaginitis, vaginosis, dystrophy, menopause, cervicitis, inflammation, candide etc.